Financial Calendar

Event Date Place
Results 3rd quarter 2018: 09. november 2018 Hotel Continental, Oslo
Results 4th quarter 2018: 14. february 2019 Hotel Continental, Oslo
Results 1st quarter 2019: 08. may 2019 Hotel Continental, Oslo
Annual General Meeting: 05. june 2019 SalMar headquarters, Frøya
Results 2nd quarter and 1st half year 2019: 23. august 2019 Hotel Continental, Oslo
Results 3rd quarter 2019: 14. november 2019 Hotel Continental, Oslo

The results will be published through the comapany’s homepage,, Oslo Børs News site and other newswires at about 06.30 am CET.

SalMar holds quarterly presentations open to the public. The presentations will take place at 08.00 am CET at Hotel Continental in Stortingsgaten 24/26 in Oslo, Norway.

The annual general meeting will be held at Frøya.

Please note that the dates are subject to change. Changes will be communicated through Stock Exchange announcements and the company’s homepage.