Important notice sales

Please be aware that there are third parties trying to copy SalMars website and impersonate SalMar sales officers.

SalMar never do sales through agencies or third party companies. SalMar does all sales directly. If you are approached by an agency or a third party claiming to represent SalMar, steer clear – it is a fraud. Do not give any information and / or money to such people, they do not represent SalMar and they can not offer sales on behalf of our company.

The following SalMar-companies are the only companies conducting sales on behalf of SalMar:

SalMar AS
SalMar Japan
SalMar Vietnam
SalMar Korea

Please also note that SalMar has only one website: . Any other website will be fraudulent.

All SalMar email addresses ends with @salmar.  Gmail or any other mail clients are not in use by the company.

SalMars address for new contacts regarding sales is or contact the switchboard (+47 72 44 79 00) to be transferred to the ones in sales responsible for your region.