Privacy Policy and use of cookies

On our website, like many others, we use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a tool that logs the activity of the visitors on our website. The log collects data about;
– What website you came from (if you clicked on a link to get to this site)
– How long you spent on the site
– What kind of device you use (desktop, mobile device etc)
– What kind of browser you used (Chrome, Firefox, IE etc)
– What sub pages you visited (like this one)
– What page you exited the site from
The information is anonymized.

What’s the data used for?
The data is used to improve our website, like write better content, improve content hierarchy, remove content that is not used etc. And to gain knowledge about how many actually visits our website, and where they are from on a rough geographical scale (country and city).

Google Analytics uses cookies (a file of information stored I your browser) to collect data as described above.

Information collected will only be used internally at SalMar ASA or by companies we engage to help us improve our websites, or other communication channels.