SalMar’s objective is to provide shareholders with a competitive return on invested capital, given the company’s risk profile. This return shall be acheived through a combination of share price increase and the payment of a dividend by the Group.

The Group plans to pay out its surplus liquidity (liquidity not needed for the Group’s day-to-day operations and future development) as a dividend or a capital reduction with a payout to the shareholders. The Group will also periodically assess whether any available liquidity should be used for new investments or repayment of debt rather than being paid as dividend.

Payment of an annual dividend is planned, though this is conditional upon the approval of the Annual General Meeting. The company will also consider whether to buy back its own shares withing the framework of the authorizations granted to the board of directors by the Annual General Meeting.

Year Dividend per share Date proposed Date approved
2015 NOK 10,00 18.02.2016 07.06.2016
2014 NOK 10,00 25.02.2015 02.06.2015
2013 NOK 8,00 26.02.2014 04.06.2014
2012 NOK 0,00 27.02.2013 05.06.2013
2011 NOK 0,00 28.02.2012 31.05.2012
2010 NOK 4,00 24.02.2011 01.06.2011
2009 NOK 2,20 24.02.2010 02.06.2010
2008 NOK 0,40 25.02.2009 28.05.2009
2007 NOK 1,10 28.02.2008 21.05.2008