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Sustainable Financing

For SalMar it is important to secure financial flexibility through having good access to capital. This is ensured through SalMars sustainability-linked credit facilities and through the green bond.

Passion for Salmon

Credit Rating

SalMar has credit rating from Nordic Credit Rating, for more information and their latest rating reports please see their website

Credit Facilities

In August 2023 SalMar ASA entered into a senior unsecured credit facility agreement which has the intention to be sustainability linked.

The agreement consists of two facilties:

  • 3-year term loan of NOK 6 billion with no amortization in the period
  • 5 year RCF of NOK 10 billion

Both facilities has an option of 1+1 year extension and there is accordion option of NOK 3 billion linked to the agreement.

Green Bond

SalMar ASA issued a senior unsecured green bond of NOK 3,500 million in April 2021, with maturity date in January 2027.

SalMar has developed a green framework for its green bond describing the use of proceeds from the bond, see below for more information.

In addition SalMar publishes annualy a report describing usage of the proceeds from the green bond, see below for the latest reports.