About SalMar

  • One of the world’s largest and most efficient producers of farmed salmon.
  • Farming activity along the coast of Norway from Møre og Romsdal in the south to Troms og Finnmark in the north
    • Central Norway (PO 5-7): License capacity 64,038 MAB tons
    • Northern Norway (PO10-13): License capacity 37,471 MAB tons
  • Significant harvesting and processing activity locally in Norway
    • InnovaMar, our main facility is co-located with the main office on Frøya in Trøndelag
    • InnovaNor, on Senja in Northern Norway in operation from summer 2021
    • Vikenco, at Aukra in Møre og Romsdal
  • Owns 51% Icelandic Salmon AS, which owns 100% of Arnarlax Ehf.
    • Icelands largest salmon farmer, located in the Westfjords of Iceland
  • Owns 50% of Norskott Havbruk AS, which owns 100% of Scottish Sea Farms Ltd
    • Great Britain’s second-largest salmon farmer
    • Production of atlantic salmong in Scotland, Shetland and Orkney Islands


Vision: In 2014, to reinforce our focus on the elements that have made SalMar the company it is today, a new vision was adopted that will henceforth guide our steps: “Passion for Salmon”.

Although SalMar continues to pursue its stated aim of cost leadership, it is moving from a focus on outcomes to a focus on performance. We aim for excellence at all levels and in all aspects of our operation to ensure sustainable growth on the terms of the salmon.