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Strategy & Vision

Our vision

It is SalMar’s clearly expressed ambition to be the world’s best aquaculture company.

Our vision is “Passion for Salmon”.

SalMar put a great deal of emphasis on farming the salmon stocks on the fishes’ own terms and on outstanding performance in all aspects of the production. SalMars vision puts human interests and motivation squarely at the heart of the operations, and is the core driver for ensuring operational efficiency, precision and performance in everything we do.


SalMars business operations have two clearly defined strategic objectives, which underpin our strategic foundations:

  1. On the farming side, we will produce our fish at the lowest cost by having the best operational efficiency.
  2. On the sales and processing side, we will strive to achieve the best possible price for our salmon and ensure optimal yields.

These two goals have remained unchanged over many years, and have ensured that SalMar has maintained a leading position in the global salmon industry. In the years to come, these goals will continue to underpin SalMar’s strategic foundations.