Sustainability in everything we do

SalMar believes it is important to recognise what sustainability is actually about: the future. Sustainability concerns our children and their grandchildren, but also our fellow citizens today. We must acknowledge that we only have one planet Earth, with a limited amount of resources. These resources are vital, and something we must protect at all cost.

The world’s population currently uses more resources than the planet can regenerate. And food production accounts for a major part of human climate and environmental impact. A growing world population therefore requires new ways of producing food, while minimising our impact on the environment.




Good fish welfare is the foundation of SalMar’s business. We work systematically to create an environment in which the salmon thrives and remains healthy.

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Environment & technology

SalMar believes in preserving the seas for future generations. We minimise our biological footprint with measures and routines throughout the entire value chain.

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People & society

SalMar acts as a responsible corporate citizen. We believe in creating local value and safe workplaces, and support the communities in which we operate.

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We think holistically

Sustainability in everything we do is one of SalMar’s key objectives. Sustainability for us is about the entirety of the way we operate as a company, and how we choose to face our surroundings. This includes taking care of our employees, our salmon and the environment, while also developing the business and society in a more sustainable direction.

SalMar aims to safeguard the seas, while maximising our production at the terms of the salmon. This includes contributing to the development of new technology, so that we can continue to reduce the biological footprint of our production.


Jente på gresset
For oss i SalMar omfatter bærekraft å ta vare på våre ansatte, laksen og miljøet, og samtidig bidra til å utvikle både næringen og samfunnet i en mer bærekraftig retning.


We support the Sustainable Development Goals

SalMar supports the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Everything we do is influenced by activities and measures that will help fulfil those goals. Still, we believe in focusing on the holistic mindset of our business, which, we believe, explains our efforts for sustainability better than any individual goal.

For more information, refer to our Annual Report for 2021.


We see the big picture

The foundation of our holistic approach, rests on awareness of there being the link between caring for people, economy and the environment, which determines whether something is sustainable. This is the core reason for why we think sustainability in everything we do.

For more details on our routines, measures and initiatives for sustainable operations, refer to SalMar’s Sustainability Report for 2021.