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Visitor Centers

Our Visitor Centres

We operate visitor centres so our stakeholders can learn more about aquaculture.

SalMar wishes to increase the public knowledge about the aquaculture industry and the target audience includes locals, tourists, schoolchildren and members of the business community. Through exciting experiences on shore and at sea, the public will gain greater insight into a modern and sustainable industry. A visit to the SalMar Salmon Centre includes an interactive exhibition about fish farming in Norway, and visitors can see the high-tech solutions used to remotely feed the salmon. In addition, the centre features a modern kitchen where visitors can learn how easy it is to prepare delicious salmon meals. Visitors also have the opportunity to take a trip out to a sea farm, to see with their own eyes how and where the salmon live.

Passion for Salmon

Today, SalMar, along with its subsidiaries, has six visitor centers open to the public:

  • Salmon Center Senja – Finnsnes in Troms & Finnmark
  • Salmon Center Molde – Molde in Møre & Romsdal
  • Salmon Center Rørvik – Rørvik in Trøndelag
  • Salmon Center Alta – Alta in Troms & Finnmark
  • SeeSalmon – Trondheim & Stoksund in Trøndelag
  • Nekton Havbruk – Smøla in Møre & Romsdal

Please see the link below for more information about the various visitor centers.

Salmon Center Senja

Tel: 48 24 21 18

Kunnskapsparken Finnsnes 2. etg.
Bernhard Lunds vei 4
9300 Finnsnes

Salmon Center Molde

Tel: 95 28 72 00

Torget 8
6413 Molde

Salmon Center Rørvik

Tel: 99 42 58 68

Strandgata 7
7900 Rørvik

Salmon Center Alta

Tel: 45 22 53 84

Kunnskapsparken Nord
Markedsgata 3
9510 Alta


Tel: 41 26 99 79 (Trondheim)
Tel: 45 91 44 74 (Stoksund)

Brattørkaia 17A
7010 Trondheim

Stokksundveien 1376
7177 Revsnes

Nekton Havbruk

Tel: 94 10 92 20

Edøyveien 18
6570 Smøla