Executive Management

Trond Williksen

President and CEO

With nearly 30 years of experience from different positions in the fisheries and aquaculture industries, Trond Williksen (53) most recently led the listed company AKVA Group ASA through a period of strong growth. Before this, Williksen held different management positions in the Aker Group’s fisheries section, and worked as a KPMG consultant to the fisheries industries. Williksen started his career in the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association, before joining first the aquaculture company Midt-Norsk Havbruk, and then Norske Fiskeoppdretteres Forening (currently Norwegian Seafood Federation). Trond Williksen is a university college graduate of Fisheries Economics from Bodø, Norway, and holds an MBA from the University of Washington.

Born: 1963
Shares: 0
RSU-Rights: 5 753

Trond Tuvstein

Chief Financial Officer

Trond Tuvstein was appointed as new CFO October 2013. Tuvstein served as Head of Investor Relations in SalMar ASA from January 2012 until October 2013. Tuvstein therefore knows both SalMar and the aquaculture industry well. Mr. Tuvstein is certified public accountant, having completed a Master’s degree in Accounting and Auditing at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) in Bergen. Mr. Tuvstein has extensive experience from the accounting industry. He has held leading positions in auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers and Systemrevisjon, among others.

Born: 1972
Shares: 15 955
RSU-Rights: 11 021

Olav-Andreas Ervik

Director farming

Mr. Ervik started in the position as head of SalMar ASA´s Farming division August 2014. Before this Mr. Ervik held the position as General Manager in  SalMar Farming AS. Mr. Ervik has held various positions in companies within the salmon farming industry, including Lerøy Midnor, Scottish SeaFarms and Lerøy Hydrotech.

Born: 1976
Shares: 6 361
RSU-Rights: 10 762

Eva Haugen

Director Quality Management/HSE

Eva HaugenEva Haugen has held the position as Director Quality Management/HSE since 2H 2013. Prior to this position Haugen has been the Head of Quality Management in the SalMar Group since 2005. Haugen has also worked as a quality manager at the factory in Nordskaget in the periods 2001 and 2004. She has several years of experience as a teacher in secondary school subjects such as aquaculture, science and biology. Haugen is a graduate from NTNU in the fields of chemistry, biology and education studies, and holds a degree in ecotoxicology and physiology in salmonids.

Born: 1971
Shares: 3 117
RSU-Rights: 6 803

Gustav Witzøe

Director processing and sales

Mr. Witzøe is the co-founder of SalMar ASA. He holds a degree in engineering. After several years as an engineer he co-founded BEWI AS, a company producing styrofoam boxes for the fish farming industry. Mr. Witzøe held the position as managing director of BEWI AS until 1990. Since Mr. Witzøe founded SalMar ASA in 1991 he has gained extensive experience in fish farming and processing. In addition to being a director of SalMar ASA, Mr. Witzøe is chairman of Egersund Fisk AS and is a director of Norskott Havbruk AS and Scottish Sea Farms Ltd.

Born: 1953
Shares: Mr Witzøe owns 90.85% of Kverva AS, which in turn owns 53.4% of the shares in SalMar ASA. Mr Witzøe is also a director of Kverva AS.
RSU-Rights: None

Tom Aleksandersen

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Tom Aleksandersen was appointed as Chief Strategy Officer 1 March 2015. Aleksandersen holds an MBA with specialization in Innovation and Implementation (1995), his main areas of expertise is: strategy, business development, cultural development and leadership training. Aleksandersen has extensive experience from working with strategic processes and organizational development from businesses in Central Norway, including several years of experience as a partner and head of BDO’s consultancy department in Central Norway.

Born: 1971
Shares: 1 709
RSU-Rights: 9 310