Executive Management

Frode Arntsen


Frode Arntsen has been CEO since October 2022. He started in SalMar in 2017 as COO, Industry and Sales. He has a background from the Norwegian Military, and is educated as a lecturer within management. He has worked in the seafood industry since 2000, and has previously held senior/director positions at Lerøy Midnor, HitraMat and Lerøy Midt.

Born: 1970
Shares: 5 900
RSUs: 8 454

Ulrik Steinvik


Steinvik started in the position as CFO in October 2021, prior to this he has held several leading positions in the executive management. Mr. Steinvik holds the title as Norwegian state authorized public accountant. Berfore Steinvik joined SalMar in 2006 he served with Arthur Andersen Norway and Ernst & Young AS from 1998 to 2006. He graduated from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in 2002.

Born: 1974
Shares: 119 674. Owns 19,317 shares directly and indirectly through personal related parties. Also owns 100 per cent of the shares in Nordpilan AS. Nordpilan AS owns 0.17 per cent of the shares in Kverva AS, which in turn through Kverva Industrier AS owns 41.3 per cent of the shares in SalMar ASA.
RSU-rights: 5 300

Roger Bekken

COO Farming

Roger Bekken took over as COO Farming on 4 June 2018. Mr Bekken has worked in the seafood sector since 1991. He has held a variety of executive positions in the industry. Before joining SalMar is 2014, he was COO of Farming at Norway Royal Salmon (NRS). From 2014 until June 2018, Mr Bekken was managing director at SalMar Farming AS.

Born: 1967
Shares: 17 440
RSU-Rights: 6 427

Simon Søbstad

COO Sales & Industry

Simon Søbstad took over as COO Sales & Industry in October 2022. From January 2018 he held the position as second in command Sales & Industry and since he started in SalMar in 2007 he has held several roles. Søbstad has education within aquaculture and has worked in the seafood industry since 2002.

Born: 1982
Shares: 732
RSU-Rights: 4 074

Eva Johanne Haugen

Director Quality Management/HSE

Eva Haugen has held the position as Director Quality Management/HSE since 2013. She has worked in SalMar since 2001 where she has held several leading positions within quality management. She has several years of experience as a teacher in secondary school subjects such as aquaculture, science and biology. Haugen is a graduate from NTNU in the fields of chemistry, biology and education studies and holds a degree in ecotoxicology and physiology in salmonids.

Born: 1971
Shares: 7 380
RSU-Rights: 3 332

Arthur Wisniewski

Director Human Resource Management

Wisniewski has worked at SalMar since 2016 and took up the position as Director Human Resource Management in 2018. He previously worked as HR Manager in the company. Wisniewski came from a similar position at German Wacker Chemicals and has many years of experience working with change and development processes within the HR field as an advisor and consultant in both the private and public sector. He has a Master’s degree from NTNU in Science-Technology-Society studies (STS), as well as a Bachelor’s degree in sociology from the same university.

Born: 1978
Shares: 2 184
RSU-Rights: 3 857

Runar Sivertsen

Chief Strategy Officer

Sivertsen has worked at SalMar since 2010 and took up the position as Chief Strategy Officer in April 2020. He has previously worked as the Investor Relations Officer and before that as an analyst for the company. Sivertsen has a Master of Science in Business degree from NTNU Business School and has also completed The Solstrand programme Accelerate

Born: 1985
Shares: 3 900. 3 813 directly and 87 shares indirectly through related parties.
RSU-Rights: 3 606