Sales & Distribution

Close customer relations and high quality products

SalMar has established a fully integrated system for farming, processing, sales and distribution of farmed salmon and is thus in control of the total value chain.

The salmon that SalMar is producing is sold through an in-house salesforce and/ or through close partners.

Proximity to markets and customers, direct or through partners is important to secure efficient use of a high-quality raw material that has been through a traceable and controlled production process.

InnovaMar is the name of SalMar’s new harvesting and processing facility in Frøya, central Norway. It aims to be the world’s most innovative and efficient facility for the landing, harvesting and processing of farmed salmon. InnovaMar covers 17,500 m2 of floor space and comprises two departments (harvesting and processing). The facility has the capacity for all kinds of storage. Good internal logistics ensure safe and efficient handling of the products. The increased capacity affords a high level of flexibility with regard to organising production and sales.

SalMar produces a wide variety of fresh and frozen salmon products. The customer base is global and includes small and large importerts/ exporters, as well as larger processing companies and retail chains.

If you would like to know more about SalMar’s products, please contact our sales department by telephone at +47 72 44 79 00.