To maintain the position as one of the world’s leading producers of farmed salmon, SalMar is dependent on competent and highly motivated employees.

SalMar offers an exciting and social working environment within many areas, like juveniles, farming, processing, sales & distribution, accounting etc.

We are always interested in good candidates!

If you have relevant competence or experience, please let us know.

Please be aware that there are third parties trying to impersonate SalMar recruiting officers.

SalMar never do hiring through agencies or third party recruitment. SalMar does all hiring directly. If you are approached by an agency or a third party claiming to represent SalMar, steer clear – it is a fraud. Do not give any information and / or money to such people, they do not represent SalMar and they can not offer jobs in our company.

Applications can be sent by mail to:
Ellen Kjerringvåg Lyngvær
SalMar ASA
N-7266 Kverva – Norway
Telephone: +47 72447900
Fax: +47 72447901

Or by e-mail to: