Corporate social responsibility is sustainable

SalMar looks after its employees, our partners and the communities in which we operate. We believe that acting with social responsibility, is something which will benefit both our own business and society in general.

With more than 1700 employees, SalMar is a major employer and significant participant in the society. This position implies a range of responsibilities towards people, society and industry. These are responsibilities we take very seriously.

We make a difference

Sustainable development is about creating local value, developing new knowledge and quality of life for the individual. These are natural focus areas for SalMar as an employer, production company, supplier of healthy food, a user of nature and the environment and administrator of intellectual and financial capital.

Our position makes it important for us to influence our surroundings in a positive and sustainable manner, and we strive to give back wherever we can. This is part of our routines in a number of ways. For instance:

We create safe workplaces

Creating a safe workplace for SalMar’s employees remains a major focus for us. SalMar supports the UN’s declaration on human rights, and we work actively to ensure both job satisfaction and personal improvement. This means creating an environment in which the individual is treated with politeness and respect.

We support local communities

The local communities along the coasts of Norway and Iceland are important bases for SalMar’s employees and our business. Thus, it is of great importance for us that we give something tangible back – something which brings a wider impact to these communities. Through the SalMar Fund, we support both sporting and cultural initiatives and we always make sure to purchase from local businesses.

We contribute to knowledge development

SalMar wants to contribute to better awareness and insight regarding sustainable aquaculture. We engage in development processes through public debate and trade associations, and give financial support to education and research within aquaculture. We greet researchers with our operational experience, and contribute to research results and new knowledge becoming available to the entire industry.

We take care of our employees

SalMar works actively, purposefully, and systematically to create more equality and prevent discrimination in the workplace. Our employees should never have to experience discrimination or social rejection but should feel well looked after by inclusive and conscientious colleagues. You can read about how SalMar works to ensure equality and prevent discrimination in our annual report and in our Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunities Policy.

In SalMar’s work to ensure equality and prevent discrimination, we have published our Gender Equality Report which includes an assessment of SalMar’s remuneration practices as well as a mapping of involuntary part-time work in the group. You can read the report here: Gender Equality Report.

For more details on corporate social responsibility in SalMar, refer to our Sustainability Report for 2021.

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