Fish welfare is sustainable

“Passion for Salmon” is the keystone on which SalMar’s business rests. Our objective is to produce sustainable and healthy protein for an ever-growing global population, while remaining focused on the salmon itself.

Sustainable salmon farming must be practiced on the salmon’s terms. This means the salmon must come first in all aspects of our activity.

More than fish health

SalMar works systematically on measures and routines linked to fish welfare. But we also know that each and every choice we make linked to the fish health, also affects the social and environmental conditions of the entire value chain. Fish welfare is a good example of the holistic approach of SalMar and explains why sustainable salmon farming must always begin with the salmon. Therefore, we link our work with fish welfare to several focus areas for sustainability. For instance:

We safeguard the seas

Nothing compares to the natural habitat, when it comes to thriving and growth of the salmon. This inspired our developing of the world’s first ocean-based farming facilities, creating an environment similar to that of a wild salmon. At the same time, we show considerable respect for common resources being the basis of our production. The following generations must be able to utilise the seas just as us, and SalMar will keep these waters in good condition. Our technology is therefore designed to carefully adapt to both the salmon and the environment.

We safeguard threatened rain forest

Fish feed needs the right nutrient content, consistency and taste, but SalMar also believes that feed cannot be produced at the cost of the environment. 35-45 % of the ingredients in feed now come from vegetable-based protein, such as soya. We require that the soya purchased by our feed suppliers, is certified as sustainable. This means that the ingredients are not genetically modified, nor produced in areas threatened by deforestation.


Fiskefôr skal ha riktig næringsinnhold, konsistens og smak, men for SalMar er det like viktig at fôret er skånsomt for miljøet.


We prevent antibiotic resistance

Resistance to antibiotics is a growing problem worldwide. As a food producer, we actively seek to prevent further development of this resistance. SalMar avoids the use of antibiotics, and did not use any antibiotics in 2021. Diseases that were previously treated with antibiotics are now treated using vaccines, resulting in the lowest use of antibiotics amongst all sources of protein.

We keep low levels of salmon lice

Salmon lice are natural parasites in seawater. As a salmon farmer, our job is to ensure that our salmon can coexist with the lice. Salmon lice can affect meat quality, and in worst case lead to disease and death. Therefore, we work preventively to keep the lice levels down and apply treatment regimens which are kind to both the fish and the environment.

For more details on fish welfare in SalMar, refer to our Sustainability Report for 2021.

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