Strategy & Vision

Today, SalMar is one of the world’s foremost producers of farmed salmon. Throughout its history company growth has gone hand in hand with outstanding financial performance.

The aquaculture industry is developing rapidly, and the potential for further growth is enormous. However, at SalMar we are in no doubt that any growth must be sustainable: environmentally, socially and financially.

In 2014, to reinforce our focus on the elements that have made SalMar the company it is today, we have adopted a new vision that will henceforth guide our steps:

“Passion for Salmon”

Although SalMar continues to pursue its stated aim of cost leadership, it is moving from a focus on outcomes to a focus on performance. We aim for excellence at all levels and in all aspects of our operation.

The new vision will underpin all activities and all actions within SalMar. All decisions relating to production will be made on the basis of our passion for salmon. The fish will be farmed in conditions most conducive to their wellbeing. We believe that the best biological results will pave the way for the best financial results, and thus safeguard our position as the most cost-effective producer of farmed salmon in the world.

This new vision and ambition depend on the existence of a winning culture throughout the organisation. The source of SalMar’s corporate culture and the company’s business tenets is our shared passion for salmon. These tenets underpin our vision and describe the attitudes and conduct expected of all employees. Read more about our tenets here.